Monday, March 22, 2010

Abusing our Countertops

The question for today is directed at the women out there. Many women are concerned with the daily abuse that their bathroom countertops endure. Let's face it. We have a lot of equipment that we use on a regular basis to maintain our fabulous looks and there is a sizeable concern over whether the cultured marble can take a hot flat iron or whether or not hair dye will stain the countertops.

Royal Baths has two products that I will address separately. First, we have the regular cultured marble and our normal safety disclaimer. You shouldn't put hot products directly on the countertop and you shouldn't leave anything plugged in and on for an extended period of time. Now onto reality - I have left a hot flat iron on my countertop and turned on for an extended period of time... For like 10 hours... My husband was furious but fortunately the countertop was unharmed and the house did not burn down. Such an over-reaction but men do that sometimes. I have also spilt hair dye on my cultured marble countertop. I kept that one to myself. There is no sense upsetting the man of the house for no reason and the hair dye didn't harm the countertop. Besides, I noticed the droplet a day or seven later and wiped it up with no problems. Lucky for me the clear coat helps protect the cultured marble from most stains.

Now, product number two is our cultured marble with a Polystone coating giving the cultured marble a granite appearance. We call it Royalgranite. It is a very nice looking product and has many bonuses but I am not here to sell it... Although you should give us a call if you are interested in getting more information. Okay, that's it. I am done. I promise. Now, insert same safety disclaimer as above here. I have done all the same stuff to this countertop that I have done to my regular cultured marble countertop and had the same results. No harm, no foul. The Polystone coating actually makes the cultured marble more heat resisitant so I could abuse this countertop more than my previous one. Now, I know you guys are thinking that I must be a walking disaster but all this does serve a purpose. I now know what our products can take and what they can't (nail polish remover, but seriously.. What can take nail polish remover?). Fortunately for me I have yet to ruin any Royal Baths' products in my home and that should give you some insight into the durability of our products.

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