Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New product!

I apologize, I know it has been awhile since I have posted. We have been busy here at Royal trying to meet the demands of our customers by getting some new products out there. One of our new products goes nicely with another product we launched just over a year ago. Our new under mount bowl looks awesome paired with any of our Royalgranite colors. The photo shown here has a Ventana Royalgranite top with the white under mount bowl, but we have 20 other colors to choose from if you aren't into the gray color.
We are also working on a new tub that I think will be a real hit. I know replacing a tub is a huge undertaking, but changing out some dated counter tops is a fairly simple weekend project that will add new life to your bathroom. You do need to know some basic plumbing skills though. Or you can pay a plumber to remove your old faucets and replace them with some newer ones. Just to give you an idea of cost, the vanity top in the photo runs about $270. Just think, for less than $300 and a little elbow grease you can make a major impact on the appearance of your bathroom. Of course, a larger master bath type vanity top will cost a bit more, but that cost will still be significantly less than a complete remodel.

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